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Marintec China-the Most Influential and Anticipated Maritime Exhibition in Shanghai China

DATE:2019-12-14 10:54:36

Marintec China 2019, organised by Informa Markets and the Shanghai Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers (SSNAME), the most influential and Asia largest maritime exhibition will be held from 3 to 6 December in Shanghai. This year marks a milestone for the 40th anniversary of Marintec China as well as the reform of the China shipbuilding industry over the past 40 years. By sustaining history over time with 40 years of accumulated experience, Marintec China has already become one of the two most influential and organised maritime exhibitions. For 40 years, Marintec China progresses hand in hand with China shipbuilding industry. Not only by participating and witnessing the rise of China into a world-class shipbuilding country but also promoted the exchange and cooperation of the global maritime industry. Despite the current tensions in international trade and political unrest, coupled with weak global economic growth, the global shipbuilding, marine engineering equipment and the shipping market remain to be on a downturn. That being said, Marintec China is confident in achieving a positive and stable development. Marintec China occupied over 90,000 square meters which has hosted more than 2,200 exhibiting companies from 30 countries/regions. Countries such as Denmark, Germany, Japan, Korea, Norway, the United States, the United Kingdom, China and etc. Along with well-known industry leading companies such as China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, COSCO Shipping Group, China Merchant’s Industry, Zhenhua Heavy Industries, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Kawasaki, Damen, Fincantieri, ABB, Siemens, Macgregor, Kongsberg Maritime, Caterpillar, Man, Rolls-Royce, Wärtsilä, Alfa Laval as well as newly merged China State Shipbuilding Corporation. This exhibition has attracted more than 65,000 visitors who are industry professionals, from more than 100 countries and regions. In comparison with last year, we can see an increase in all aspects of its data and has reached unprecedented attendance rates. In view of the upcoming future trend of shipping and maritime industry, intelligent shipping is the focus of all exhibitors this year. COSCO Shipping Group will highlight the progress of its smart shipping infrastructure, while China Classification Society will release the latest version on smart ship outlook and smart ship specification. Kongsberg Maritime, which integrates the Rolls-Royce, and Wärtsilä will also present the latest developments on unmanned ships. The comprehensive display of exhibits and technologies in this exhibition will bring the intelligent shipping industry towards a new era. Environmental friendliness is another key trend to the future development of the shipping industry. This exhibition will demonstrate a huge range of zero to low emission technology products, to introduce the future trend of shipbuilding industry. China Shipping Group Dalian Heavy Industries will launch the world’s first large size zero carbon emission container vessel, while industry leaders such as Wärtsilä will release a brand new gas machine. The progress of piloting hydrogen fuel cell powered ship and its related design programs will also be highlighted at the exhibition. These are all valuable towards the future development of powering vessels and ships. As human beings began to be more intrigued by ocean exploration, deep-sea fishing equipment will soon become another hot topic. Led by China State Shipbuilding Corporation, CIMC Raffles and etc, it is proud to join alongside to provide the latest marine pastures, farmed industrial vessels and other advanced deep-sea fishing equipment to Marintec China this year. This will showcase China latest achievements in building smart marine fishery equipment industry chain; Norway, Denmark and other national pavilions not only put forward advanced deep-sea aquaculture technology and deep-sea fisheries technology, but they also present a series of deepsea fisheries equipment. They certainly put the spotlight on the supporting capabilities of deepsea fishery equipment. Cruises are the latest hot trend in shipping industry. There will be over 250 exhibitors providing cruise construction, design, fixtures, equipment and related products, including Fincantieri, China State Shipbuilding Corporation Limited, China Merchant’s Industry, Ulstein and many other companies involved in luxury cruise ship construction, design and supporting services. This year, we have launched "Marintec Interiors” that replicates the atmosphere and interior of luxury cruise ships in order to enhance the experience of visitors. Moreover, many seminars will be held to facilitate the networking and exchange of information in the industry. The Senior Maritime Forum held concurrently with the Exhibition will have the theme of Innovation, Intelligence, Fusion. The Forum will consist of six sessions, namely: Keynote Speech, Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering, Cruise Interiors, Smart Shipping and Ports, Maritime Finance and Law, and Marine Technology and Equipment. In the keynote session, the renowned speakers include Mr Geir Inge Sivertsen, State Secretary of Norwegian Ministry of Trade, Industry and Fisheries; Mr Esben Poulsson, Chairman of the International Chamber of Shipping (ICS); Mr Arun Sharma, Chairman of International Association of Classification; Mr Shigeru Murayama, Chairman of Board, Kawasaki Heavy Industry; Professor Gerhard Strasser, Chairman of International Towing Tank Conference (ITTC) Advisory Council Societies (IACS); Dr Martin Stopford, President of Clarkson Research. In addition to government officials, the leaders of the China State Shipbuilding Corporation and authoritative experts from the Ministry of Communications will share their views as representatives and experts of the shipbuilding industry. Shipbuilding and Ocean Engineering, Smart Shipping and Ports, Maritime Finance and Law, and Marine Technology and Equipment, covering the latest developments and hottest topics of the industry. In addition, the exhibition will also hold a series of product launches or contract signing ceremonies, such as COSCO Shipping Group conducting the launching ceremony for "The World’s First Large Commercial Shipping Container Smart Ship” 23 Apart from Senior Maritime Forum, many exhibitors will host up to hundreds of separate forums relating to technical exchanges, product launches, signing ceremonies and award ceremonies during the exhibition. There will have many roundtable meetings, such as internal combustion engines, numerical tanks and water jet propulsion technology as well as ocean technology will also be held during the exhibition.